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About Us

Over 35 Years of Experience

Hammond Church Interiors is operated by it's original owner and founder Tim Hammond. We are located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and have been renovating churches across the middle and eastern United States since 1983. Our goal is to please your congregation in a way that you have confidence in recommending us to others. Over half of our business comes from referrals from other churches.

Originally we only padded church pews but found most congregations needed carpet along with the pews, so we soon started providing carpet also. We then found in many churches that at the time of re-padding their pews and carpeting they would paint and do small renovations also. This was fine except we found at the time we had the pews and carpet scheduled for installation the paint and remodeling was not done causing us to have to re-arrange our schedule and loss of work time for our staff. This is when we starting offering total renovations.

Our employees and staff do all the work. Unlike many church renovators we contract out little of our services. We find this gives us more control in not having to wait on a sub-contractors therefore a better quality job that is finished "on time"

You will find our staff and employees are dedicated to making every sanctuary the most beautiful possible. Our products and workmanship are the highest in the industry and our prices the lowest. Whether your need is to renovate your entire sanctuary or repair a single pew, Hammond Church Interiors will do it in a manner that will please your congregation.

You may email us on our contact page or call us directly at 1-865-805-5991.