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Pew Upholstery

Hammond Church Interiors have upholstered almost 50,000 church pews. When we upholster your existing church pews you get more than just a ‘pew covering”. We remove and dispose of your existing foam and fabric then we examine and check the structure of the pew and repair whatever we find. Whether a leg may be loose or cracked or a book rack in need of repair, or the actual seat or back on the pew split we repair everything that we find and guarantee the entire structure of the pew body like it was new. We then upholster the pew using a process we have perfected over 35 years and it is all done onsite. The pew is upholstered in high-quality durable fabric. The thread used to weave our fabric are treated with soil repellant before it is woven and then treated again after it is woven. This double coating of soil repellant will resist stains, crayons, and even permanent markers. Our high-quality seating foam will provide comfort and unsurpassed quality that lasts for years. We guarantee the fabric, padding and workmanship as well as the structure of the pew in writing for 20 years. This gives piece of mind that no matter what shape your pews are in now, we will restore them to like new condition and warrant them for 20 years.

We can upholster between 700-800 linear feet of pews per week without interrupting your schedule of weekend services.


Many times, when it is time to reupholster your church pews it will be time to change your carpet also. We are one of a few companies that do both. We move your pews without damaging them; remove and dispose of your carpet. And install new carpet. We have installed carpet in over 1000 churches. We use heavy duty commercial carpet that will last for years. We have a wide selection and styles and colors that will make your sanctuary beautiful. All our carpets come with stain repellant and with 20-year wear and installation warranties. We carry broadloom as well as carpet tile. We can do your pews and carpet in the same week which does not interfere with your schedule of weekend services.


Many churches are installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring on their platforms, under the pews as well as in classrooms. We have a wide selection of flooring to meet any need your church may have.


Hammond Church Interiors offer several options to refinish/refurbish the wood finish on your pews.

Clean and Shine

Many times, the wood finish of your pews just needs to be cleaned, and any nicks and scratches colored in. We can provide this at the time we reupholster your pews then spray the wood with a clear gloss lacquer that restores the color and shine to the original.

Complete Refinishing

Hammond Church Interiors offers complete refinishing when needed. This is the process we follow:

  1. Pews will be numbered, disassembled, and transported to HCI facility
  2. We will remove and dispose of existing foam and fabric
  3. All stained wood surfaces will be sanded down to natural wood and stained.
  4. Stained wood will have three coats of vinyl sanding sealer applied with light sanding between coats. Then at least three coats of premium lacquer finish will be applied until professional finish is acquired
  5. Pews will be upholstered back to the original
  6. Pews will be transported to church, reassembled, and installed